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FDF-5020 Marking machine

Marking machine

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product name:FDF-5020 Marking machine

 FDF-5020 Marking machine 


1.Use high-quality laser, high reliability, long service life, good light spot quality, light power

Rate output density is uniform, stable, no light leakage, high anti-reflective characteristics.

2. Fully enclosed laser cavity design, dust-proof and pollution-free,

3, high-speed scanning galvanometer, small size, fast speed, good stability, good control accuracy.

4. Opening die-casting lifting frame, built-in linear guide, stable structure and simple design.

5. The power consumption of the whole machine is low, and the air-cooled system can run continuously for 24 hours.

Product parameters:

Machine model: FDF-5020
Laser power: 10W 20W 30W
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Repeat frequency: 20-80KHZ
Beam quality: M2 < 1.5
Engraving depth: ≤0.3mm
Carving line speed: ≤7000mm / s
Minimum line width: 0.01mm
Marking line width: ≤0.2mm
Minimum light spot: 0.005mm
Marking range: 110 * 110mm
Minimum height: 0.15mm
Repeatability: ± 0.001mm
Control interface: USB
Laser life: more than 10,000 hours
Machine power: 500W
Rated voltage: 220V / 50HZ / 12A
Cooling method: high precision constant temperature / closed loop air cooling
Operating system: Windows

Show details:

1.High-speed galvanometer, fast speed and good effect.

Adopting quality galvanometers from well-known manufacturers, the printing speed is fast, the effect is fine, and it is not easy to malfunction. The red light system has a built-in vibrating lens, which is not easy to damage, stable and accurate positioning.

 High field lens, small energy loss

The field lens scanning system uses new technology, new materials and new processes, high light transmittance, and good printing results.

2 、 Working platform, large platform, thick sheet metal

The entire machine is made of thicker sheet metal, which can use a heavier weight, which can ensure that the machine does not deform and better ensure the accuracy of marking.

3 、 Elevating shaft with scale, humanized design

The humanized lifting shaft and scale are specially designed to simplify the adjustment of the complexity of the scale and enable precise positioning and accuracy.

4 、Motherboard, high quality motherboard

Using high-quality Beijing Golden Orange motherboard, stable and safe.

Wide marking range: suitable for marking a variety of materials, metal and various metal materials high hardness alloys ABS epoxy resin ceramics hard paper boxes engineering plastics, etc., with fast printing speed and clear patterns.

Suitable for metal marking on different metal surfaces such as gold, silver, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, steel, iron, etc.

Used in machinery parts processing, instrument marking, hardware tools, daily necessities, automotive parts, electronic components and other industries.

The company has mature machine installation procedures, each step is perfect:

Check the shell of the machine before installation-prepare machine parts-install electrical components-install machine components-circuit arrangement-machine copy machine-machine light path test-factory quality inspection-packing and waiting for delivery

The company has a special docking logistics, which can make the items reach the customers safely.

The company has a professional and mature packaging process:

Prepare the wooden box-Pack the dustproof film-Put the machine in the wooden box-Check the random accessories-Multi-layer shockproof-Packing is completed and waiting for delivery.