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FD-460 Eengraving machine

Eengraving machine

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product name:FD-460 Eengraving machine

FD-460 Eengraving machine 

There are multiple choices for machine configuration. The operating system can be Shenzhou Easy Carving or Ruida. 

The lifting function can be manual and electric. The XY axis can be linear guide or optical axis. 

Different configurations can guarantee quality.

Machine parameters:

Laser tube type: CO2
Laser tube power: 50W / 60W / 80W
Engraving format: 400mm x 600mm
Engraving speed: 0-1000mm / s
Cutting speed: 0-400mm / s
Supporting software: Coreldraw, Photoshop, AI, CAD ETC.
Rated voltage: 110 / 220V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
Body weight: 50kg
Working environment temperature: 0 ℃-45 ℃
Cooling method: water pump or thermostatic water tank and protection system
Positioning accuracy: ≤0.01mm
Optional: lifting table, red light positioning, goggles, honeycomb panel, frame base

Machine details:

1.Laser head

The industrial laser head is used for stability and safety; it is equipped with red light and air blowing functions to realize the function of positioning and protecting the lens.

2、Lift function

The machine adopts steel ball screw for lifting, avoiding the deformation caused by the load bearing of the table, and the automatic lifting function can make the machine work on high-depth things.


The working platform can be an aluminum knife platform or a honeycomb platform, depending on the material, which is convenient for work.

4.Operating system

The machine can adopt Ruida system, and also can choose this Divine Easy Carving system. The operation is simple and easy to understand. Both Chinese and English panels can be used for export or domestic use.

5.Laser tube

High-quality laser tube with delicate light output and long service life. Other laser tubes can also be used, all can be customized for easy use

Applicable materials and industries:

1. Non-metal materials industry, such as: vinyl printing, horn printing, wood printing, red plastic printing, plexiglass printing, engraving and engraving on atomic printing materials;

2. On electronic components, such as: engraving name, model, logo, pattern, etc.

3. It is used for small-area handicraft processing, such as double-color board wood, bamboo slips, acrylic, leather, ABS plastic, crystal, jade and other materials.

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